Hayden: With Mattis, Trump Will Always Know the True Cost of Any Military Action

‘I think he will be a counterbalance to a president-elect’


HAYDEN: "Well, I'm certainly not worried about 'Mad Dog' Kelly, as you say, he actually doesn't like that term. You know, they describe him as a warrior, a monk. The president-elect said he's Patton. Actually, Brian, he's not. He's Marshall. He's a very reflective individual. And so, I welcome him, not because I think he's going to be over-energetic in the use of the American armed forces, I think he will be a counterbalance to a president-elect who sometimes seems to speak, and I hope doesn't act rationally. But with Mattis in there, I think he will always know the true cost of any military action. So, I really do like that choice."

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