Paul Ryan to Reporters: ‘I’m Not Going to Get into’ Donald Trump’s ‘Daily Tweets’

‘Do you think I’m going to comment on the daily tweets?’

Paul Ryan to Reporters: ‘I’m Not Going to Get Into’ Donald Trump’s ‘Daily Tweets’ (Mediaite)

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan spoke to reporters today and naturally the topic veered over to President-elect Donald Trump and his latest activities. While Ryan was fine answering a question on Trump speaking with the President of Taiwan and providing his take on it, he did draw a line.

Regarding the Taiwan situation in which Trump was the first President or President-elect to speak with a Taiwanese leader in nearly 40 years, perhaps violating the longstanding ‘One China’ policy, Ryan noted that it was blown out of proportion.

“I think there’s a lot of much ado about nothing about this,” Ryan explained. “I think for him to not take a congratulatory call would in and of itself be considered a snub so i think everything is fine.”

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