Colbert on Trump/Taiwan Call: He ‘Might’ Be Starting World War III ‘on Purpose’

‘Some reports say this wasn’t a random phone call that Trump took’


"Now, China is giving Trump the benefit of the doubt, with the Chinese foreign minister calling it, "A shenanigan by the Taiwan side". Now, I don't know about you -- I've never heard of a single shenanigan. It's usual more than one. They usually travel in pairs. It's shenanigans. They're breeding pairs, that how you get more than one shenanigan. If it's just one shenanigan, I hope it doesn't escalate into a hi-jink. Now, some reports say this wasn't a random phone call that Trump took, upsetting our nuclear rival. Some say it was planned for months in advance. So if you were worried that Trump might accidentally start World War III, cheer, up -- he might be doing it on purpose."

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