Conway: Trump ‘Ran from Day One on Bringing Back Jobs’ and ‘He’s Already Delivered’

‘This guy ran from day one on bringing back jobs from China, Mexico, and elsewhere’


CONWAY: "Well, the president-elect just simply disagrees.  If you look at what happened, this is what leaders do.  Certainly what people who have been wildly successful in building businesses across the globe as the president-elect has been. You produce.  You deliver.  You achieve results.  Everybody looks at the result here, which is about 1,100 workers are going to stay in Indiana.  His running mate, the vice president-elect, is the governor of Indiana.  And I think together, they worked with Carrier. Everybody is looking at it as a stick, there are carrots.  There are incentives here.  They worked with Carrier to find a way together, to keep these jobs here and not to go to Mexico. It’s astonishing to see this happen.  The current president could have done it.  He never did it.  The president-elect did it before he’s sworn in.  And let me just say this, $7 million in incentives, they carry over ten years.  So, about $700,000 per year in incentives is part of this deal.  That’s about $785, maybe $800 per worker.  So, people have to put this in perspective before they act like it’s some type of big-footed intervention. This guy ran from day one on bringing back jobs from China, Mexico, and elsewhere.  And he’s already delivered."

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