Farage: ‘I Reject Utterly and Totally Any Allegations of Pandering to Extremism’

‘I was pleased that Donald Trump did call these people down and say stop it’

FARAGE: "Well, if I look at Europe as a whole, and, look at you, the Euro skeptic movements that are saying the euro is a bad thing, the control from Brussels is a bad thing, they manifested themselves on left and right, you know? It is a left-wing party, for example, in Greece, that won the election and right-wing parties in the north of Europe. Look, if you take away from people their democratic rights, they're feeling that they're in control of their own culture, they will go anywhere they can, you know, to try to find a solution. I can say this to you hand on hat, when we debated Brexit, you know, we didn't even mention Islam, we didn't talk about some of the cultural issues. We did talk about was that it's sensible to control borders, it's sensible to vet who comes to your country. And I would reject utterly and totally any allegations of deliberately pandering to extremism. And I was pleased that Donald Trump did call these people down and say stop it." 

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