Krauthammer: Josh Earnest Was ‘Pathetic Trying to Pit His President Against Trump’

‘Trump has done this while not even in office — So that’s a big difference’

KRAUTHAMMER: "I thought Josh Earnest was really looking somewhat pathetic trying to pit his president against Trump. For all of what he said about Obama. Trump has done this while not even in office. So that’s a big difference. But, look, it was a theatrical stroke. He saved the jobs. He did something he said he would do. Yes, of course it’s a kind of a bribe -- it's the state giving $7 million. At a deeper level it says something. Republicans and conservatives in general are going to have to understand that if they are going to deal with the inequities of trade and trade overall is a good thing but that’s overall. If they are going to deal with the losers. People who lose their jobs and their status and everything, they’re going to have to break some economic rules. Some of the economic [shibalish?] that they have been hanging on to. And if that means state subsidies or means direct subsidy for the worker or for the factory, it’s going to have to be done. That’s the only way they are going to hold onto the working class that supported Trump. And it would be the right thing to do."

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