NYT Journalist: ‘Media Should Have a Lot of Humility’ with Trump Predictions

‘I’m trying to have that humility’

NYT Journalist on MSNBC: 'Media Should Have A Lot of Humility About Making Predictions About Donald Trump' So He'll Try That' (NewsBusters)

On Wednesday’s Morning Joe, as the usual cast of characters were discussing the ongoing Trump transition team's economic appointments, co-host Willie Geist invited and asked New York Times journalist David Leonhardt: “So, do you do you read anything into these appointments in the last 24 hours, to Commerce Secretary Wilber Ross or Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin?”

In response, Leonardt stated that:

“I think it's really hard to tell right at this point. Those of us in the media should have a lot of humility about making predictions about Donald Trump so I'm trying to have that humility.” 

This conversation was in the context of how the two billionare businessmen bankers with ties to Wall Street will resonate with Trump’s populist message on economic policies.


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