Halperin on Mnuchin, Ross: This About Trump and the ‘Kind of Economic Policy He Wants’

‘It will be an early test’

HALPERIN: "Well, I mean, the Wall Street general editorial board doesn’t like the picks much more than Elizabeth Warren does. People are looking at their bios and noticing things on trade and mortgages that are questionable. They’ll have to answer those in the hearing. I don’t expect either of them will have nominations stopped if they answer tough questions from at least one party. In the end as we’ve said so many times, this is about Donald Trump and what kind of economic policy he wants. Assumption is we would see corporate tax reform and not individual. Sounds like they’ll try to do both and that happens once in a generation. It will be an early test. If he can somehow quickly in the first six months of the year pass individual and corporate tax reform, that would be a big accomplishment."

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