Huckabee: On Romney’s Plate ‘There Was a Big, Big Slice of Crow’

‘Both Reince Priebus and Donald Trump were having a big fillet’

HUCKABEE: "Not for personal feeling but I did note, Bill, I don’t know if your cameras picked it up, you saw the little clip, both Reince Priebus and Donald Trump were having a big fillet, on Mitt Romney’s plate there was big, big slice of crow. I didn’t know if you could catch that or not. Look, the irony here it is not so much about the relationship that Donald Trump has with Mitt Romney. It is the relationship that Mitt Romney has with the voters who elected Donald Trump. Because Mitt Romney said that they were a bunch of suckers to follow him. So at some point Mitt Romney has to address that I think outrage that is being expressed among many Trump supporters is that it wasn’t that Romney just dissed Donald Trump, he but that he really took a swipe and spoke contemptuously of the people who made Donald Trump the president of the United States."

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