Peters on Ukraine Failure: ‘That’s What America Gets For Electing a Symbol’

‘He’s a president who is so profoundly unprepared’

KILMEADE: "Colonel, it seems every week we come on for a similar topic and every week seems worse. now Russia has a reason to take the eastern half of the Ukraine. do we have an image problem and does the president have a credibility issue?
PETERS: "We certainly have an image problem. It is amazing how the strength of being a superpower has crumbled. But the president is at the heart of the problem. I don't think any rational person can disagree with that. And that is what we get, that's what America gets for electing a symbol rather than a leader. You know Brian, George W. Bush -- bless him for his faults -- was derided for saying I am a decider. But that above all is what a president has to be, the one who makes the tough decisions in a timely manner. I think you see Obama's track record going way back to his time in Illinois and the Senate, where he just voted present. And there is a basic rule in the military that applies to life in general. A mediocre decision made promptly is far better than a perfect decision made too late. And the left and bi-coastal intelligentsia celebrates Obama's deliberative process weighing the facts. But the world doesn't hold stay. That deliberative process may work if you're revising curriculum in aboriginal arts at monkey-butt university. But when you are dealing with Vladimir Putin you have got to be able to make a decision and follow through. And that is another problem Obama has as leader -- no follow through. He moves -- he is attention deficit disorder at a strategic level. Look at Libya, he, you know, get rid of Khadafi, and then he just walks away. Syria, that was a big crisis, Assad was going to go. He's gone. Crimea, he would not stand the seizure of Crimea. He's forgotten about Crimea. And he is a president who is so profoundly unprepared. And his character is so mismatched to the demands-- "
KILMEADE: "I'm going to push back a second, Colonel. America was tired of being involved in the Middle East, we're tired of bailing out Europe, we are tired of getting involved. Is America getting what they voted for?"
PETERS: "Well you know, that is a bit like saying I'm tired of my 10 and 12 year old. They will have to fend for themselves. We don't like it. I mean, America -- I wish we could just stay home and live in our wonderful country and prosper. But as we saw with 9/11, Brian, when we detach from the world the world comes to us. So we have to make intelligent decisions about where and when we get involved, think economically and efficiently. But above all, a president cannot be poll driven all the time. It is a president's job to explain to the American people why a given crisis matters and Obama lacks the courage even to do that much."
KILMEADE: "And as he goes to the East and he's got to deal with China Japan and South Korea and try to referee those disputes --"

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