Trump: ObamaCare Will ‘Lead to a Very Big Republican Victory in November’

‘The ObamaCare situation [is] the only thing that’s really stuck to Obama’

DOOCY: "How about this, Mr. Trump. Apparently Democrat pollsters James Carville and Sam Greenberg did talking points memo for Democrats and said don't use the recovery word because there has been no recovery. They write 'the more powerful setup for Democrats' economic message is the CEOs and 1 percenters whose incomes soared while everyone else works hard to just get by. That reflects the experiences of real people in this economy.' So Donald, what they are telling people on the Democrat side is to push the Koch brothers, the 1 percent, the extremists, the Tea Parties, stuff like that."
TRUMP: "Well, they are playing a card that's an age-old card. It does work and has been effective over the last million years. It is a card that sort of historically has worked. I'm not sure it will work now. I think what will is going to certainly overshadow it is the failure of ObamaCare. I think the Republicans will have a tremendous victory in November because of what is happening with ObamaCare. They talk about 7 million people but they don't mention all the people who aren't able to get plans and that are just being devastated. I have people who I speak to all the time, they are devastated by what happened. I think the ObamaCare situation, the only thing that stuck to Obama -- I think the ObamaCare situation will lead to a big Republican victory in November."

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