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Huckabee: Kaepernick’s ‘Such an Idiot’ He Doesn’t Know the ‘Difference Between a Leader and a Murderer’ with Castro
‘This guy just doesn’t know when to quit’


HUCKABEE: "This guy just doesn’t know when to quit. I mean, first he kneels and sits during the playing of the national anthem in utter disrespect to the nation that allows him to make $14 million a year for playing football. And then he celebrates the life of a terrorist and murderer Fidel Castro. For people who jail journalists, pretty sure Colin Kaepernick that lived in Cuba he wouldn’t have been able to sit during the Cuban national anthem and get away with that. He’d walk away and never see him again. Somehow celebrate this man as some great world leader, he wasn’t. He oppressed people. He caused people to flee on wooden rafts and risk their lives to get away from it. This is amazing that Colin Kaepernick is such an idiot that he just doesn’t even know the difference between a leader and a murderer."

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