NBC Host to Jill Biden: ‘What Made You Fall for Joe Biden? Was it His Humor?’

‘Thank you, Dr. Biden. Such a pleasure ... my new BFF!’

NBC Host to Jill Biden: 'What Made You Fall for Joe Biden? Was It His Humor?' (NewsBusters)

During a hard-hitting question and answer session with Jill Biden on Wednesday's NBC Today, co-host Tamron Hall wondered what made drew the Second Lady to the Vice President: "What made you fall for Joe Biden? Was it his humor? What was it?" Certainly not a question Lynne Cheney was ever asked about Dick Cheney on the morning show.

Biden was on to promote an effort to thank U.S. troops launched by her and Michelle Obama. After touting the social media campaign, Hall started reading viewer questions from Twitter for the vice presidential spouse, like, "What is your fitness regime?" and "What was the last book you read just for fun?" The relationship question was thrown in at the end by Hall herself.

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