Alabama: Widows Lose Health Insurance Due to ObamaCare

'The program had to be abandoned when they were informed that new regulations in ObamaCare would amount to an extra 25 million dollars per year'

Alabama Widows Lose Health Insurance Due to Obamacare Regulations (Washington Free Beacon)

More than two dozen widows who were married to Madison County, Ala., employees are without health insurance because of Obamacare, WHNT-ALreports.

The Alabama widows lost their health insurance this year after the county was notified that their health insurance program would cost them an additional $25 million a year, due to regulations imposed by Obamacare.

Roger Jones, Madison County Commissioner said, “A lot of these people are on low fixed incomes, some of them are living on Social Security and very little else, and health insurance is very important to them.”

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