Jack Keane: Gen. Mattis ‘Highly Qualified’ and ‘Absolutely Terrific Choice’ for SecDef

‘He is highly qualified for the job’

KEANE: "He is highly qualified for the job. I don’t know if he has been offered it or what yet. But I know this --" [crosstalk]
HEMMER: "OK. Understood, because we -- yeah, go ahead." 
KEANE: "I know this. I mean, here is what we’re talking about here. We got a, absolutely terrific choice in experienced wartime commander; a thoughtful, studious person whose reputation for directness and -- and straight talking is a pattern throughout his entire career. And -- and finally, he is got on his fingertips knowledge about all the global security challenges that the united States is facing and the major policy failures that we’ve had through these last eight years, that have helped create some of the instability and lack of security we have in the world."

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