Krauthammer: ‘The Chinese Are the Ones Who Are the Biggest Beneficiaries of the Death of a TPP’

‘I think the TPP is a little regrettable, It’s like Obama’s Guantanamo’

HOST: "Charles?"
KRAUTHAMMER: "I think it's a good list. It shows -- I agree how serious he is about some of the things he campaigned on. I think the tpp is a little regrettable. It's like Obama's Guantanamo. It's a fixed idea. It's not going to change. There's no way he would be in favor of the TPP. But I think we're going to see the cost of that rise as those allies of ours, including Australia, are now going to seek their own deals with China as a result. We may live to regret that."
HOST: "It empowers China?"
KRAUTHAMMER: "Absolutely. The Chinese are the ones who are the biggest beneficiaries of the death of a TPP. Lastly, what's not on the list? What's interesting is I would have expected the executive order Obama signed to legalize the 5 million illegal aliens that are being held up in court. There's no real urgency. If you want to show decisiveness, you would cancel that on day one. I think he will eventually. I'm just surprised it wasn't on list. It would be -- it would send a real statement had he did it -- were he to do it in the very first hour."

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