Behar on Trump: ‘I Had an Uber Driver ... Who Was Pakistani, He Said He’s Frightened’

‘Somebody I know, a gay boy put on Facebook that he was on 10th Avenue ... and somebody shouted, “I’m a Trump supporter”‘

BEHAR: "But they're being harassed. Somebody I know, a gay boy put on Facebook that he was on 10th Avenue in New York the other day and somebody [ muted ] I’m a Trump supporter. This is happening in New York City. And I had an Uber driver last night who was a Pakistani guy. He said he’s frightened. What kind of country is this now? People better not sit back and take it. They have all the power in the White House. In the Senate. The House of Representatives. The FBI is in their pocket. We have to — we have to be the loyal opposition in the country. That’s what we’re here for." 

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