Perino Dismisses Conspiracies about Sen. Reid Benefiting from Bundy Standoff

‘Wishful thinking is among conservatives’ worst enemies’

Perino Dismisses Conspiracies About Harry Reid Benefiting from Cliven Bundy Standoff (Mediaite)

Fox News Channel’s The Five co-host Dana Perino was strongly critical of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) who she said was actively inflaming the tense standoff between Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy and the federal government over his use of public lands. However, she agreed with her co-hosts who said that taking Bundy’s side in this fight was not the right battle to wage. She added that “wishful thinking” is among conservatives’ “worst enemies.”

“You’ve got to find candidates who can win and then you don’t have to worry about Harry Reid,” said co-host Greg Gutfeld after lamenting the GOP’s choice of nominee to face Reid in his 2010 Senate reelection bid. “We don’t want to focus too much on this battle. We should see that the bigger battle is at the ballot box.”

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