Kingston on Trump’s Muslim Ban: ‘You Would Really Have to Justify It Internationally

‘You would have to show why it worked before and why it wasn’t a violation of liberties’

BLITZER: "What do you think about this notion of reviving what had been in place, some sort of Muslim registry, as some people are calling it, people from Muslim-majority countries coming to the United States, being on a database. Because that's causing some alarm bells. It had existed before during the Bush administration, went away during the Obama administration. Now apparently, the Trump -- the incoming Trump administration is re -- is considering it once again."
KINGSTON: "I think you'd really have to justify it internationally, and you'd have to show why it worked before and why it wasn't a violation of liberties. For example, if -- and he has said this with the extreme vetting, is that, if you come from a country that has a pattern of being anti- American, we want to know about you. We want to know what your person feelings are before you come into this country. And it is all part of the bigger picture of border security. He also talked about a committee on how do you stop people from being radicalized once they're in America? And I think this is part of it. You know, what do we do for people who come -- who are coming here? You know, what are the motivations? So I think the discussion of it is a national security issue, and I think it's consistent with his immigration security plan."

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