Obama, Whose Admin. Helped Netanyahu Opponent: ‘I Try Not to Meddle’ Abroad

‘In some ways we are now the veterans of many challenges over the last eight years’

OBAMA: "Well, I try to make it a meddle in other people's politics. All I can say is chancellor Merkel has been a outstanding partner. You know, chancellor Merkel is perhaps the only leader left among our closest allies that was there when I arrived. So in some ways we are now the veterans of many challenges over the last eight years. Although we have not always been in sync on every issue in terms of our core values, in terms of her integrity, her truthfulness, her thoughtfulness, her doing her homework, knowing her facts. Her commitment to looking out for the interests of the German people first, but recognizing that part of good leadership on behalf of the nation requires engaging the world as a whole, and participating effectively in multilaterally institutions. I think she's been outstanding. So it's up to her whether she wants to stand again and then ultimately up to the German people to decide what the future holds. You know, if I were here and I were German and I had a vote, I might support her. But it's -- I don't know what that hurts or helps.

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