Colbert: If Ted Cruz Becomes A.G., He Will Finally Know Why His Dad Killed JFK

‘Would President Trump call him Attorney General ‘Lyin’ Ted Cruz?’

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"Today, there's speculation that Trump's attorney general could be his former enemy, Ted Cruz after Cruz was seen exiting Trump Tower yesterday. Apparently, reporters are just hanging around the lobby of Trump Tower, making guesses based on who walks in and out the door. My money's on attorney general pizza delivery guy. But, just in case, if it is Ted Cruz, how would that work? Would President Trump call him Attorney General 'Lyin' Ted Cruz? Or is it 'Lyin' Attorney General Ted Cruz? I'm not sure what the proper name is. Either way, as attorney general, Cruz could finally get to the bottom of just why his dad killed J.F.K. Gotta find out. He's the man."

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