Scarborough: Trump Has ‘Clinton Chaos’ with His Transition and ‘Needs to Learn’ from Bill Clinton’s Mistakes

Ignatius: ‘I think people remember the Clinton White House as being chaotic until Leon Panetta, a real Washington hand, came in’

SCARBOROUGH: "And I don’t know if he was Mack or not, but David Ignatius, Bill Clinton had the same type of maddening personality in a sense that Donald Trump has."
BRZEZINSKI: "Yes, you're totally -- you are absolutely right."
SCARBOROUGH: "And where poor Mack McLarty -- you know, Bill Clinton is going 1,000 miles an hour, and everybody that worked for Clinton said it was always Clinton. There are just hundreds of people jammed around him, talking --"
BRZEZINSKI: "Destructed by things." [crosstalk]
IGNATIUS: "Clinton chaos. You're absolutely --"
SCARBOROUGH: "-- and it was Clinton chaos that’s kind of like what Trump has and Trump needs to learn from Clinton’s mistakes."

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