Maddow: Trump Team May Need ‘Training Wheels’ During Transition

‘The West Wing staff will all leave when President Obama leaves and the Trump transition team apparently doesn’t know that’

Maddow Frets Fake Concern That Trump Team Needs 'Training Wheels' During Transition (NewsBusters)

Remember how Hillary Clinton in her concession speech and President Obama in his first remarks after the election claimed they were determined to do all in their power -- and more! -- to make sure that Donald Trump succeeds?

Yeah, I didn't believe them either. Now we're seeing concrete evidence that it was empty rhetoric and the shivs are out. Any time a liberal tells you that all he wants to do is help, you deserve the inevitable con that follows if you fall for it.

Last night the con came by way of MSNBC's Rachel Maddow, who has somehow managed to shake the unspeakable horror of last week's election and now appears more upbeat than ever. She really ought to send Trump a thank-you card for that, he's surely added years to her life.



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