Megyn Kelly: Trump ‘Came After Me Like a Dog with a Bone’

‘He came after me like a dog with a bone for nine months’

KELLY: "Listen, there is no question that Donald Trump is thin-skinned and he can be mean-spirited he can be even vindictive. But, my own experience with him proves that he's able to let things go if he so chooses, right. He came after me like a dog with a bone for nine months. But finally, when I went to see him at trump tower, and believe me, I was not conciliatory toward him, we got past it. I think he has a magnanimous piece of him. He has a charming piece to him as well. And while I think Trump doesn't like it when he feels attacked, if he feels like you're open-minded or at least neutral toward him, he becomes a bit more open-minded. The problem with him is he often feels attacked even when he's not."

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