Symone Sanders: Trump Put a ‘White Supremacist’ in the W.H. and That Is ‘Absolutely Dangerous’

‘There was nothing normal about Donald Trump’s campaign’

HARLOW: "Symone Sanders, your thoughts on the pick of Steve Bannon?" 
SANDERS: "I think Donald Trump just put the alt-right and, to put it more plainly, Donald Trump just put a White supremacist, the leader of a White supremacist movement, modern day White supremacist movement in the White House, in the top post in the White House. And that is absolutely dangerous. We cannot normalize this. There was nothing normal about Donald Trump’s campaign. And we are absolutely crazy to think that there’s going to be anything normal about his presidency. I agree that Donald Trump — I agree with David, Donald Trump needs to come out and say something to assail the fears of the American people. But, unfortunately, by putting Steve Bannon in the people’s house, again, a leader of a White supremacist movement —"
HARLOW: "Right. I am —"
SANDERS: "— someone who has stoked anti-Semitisms, racism, that’s not going to calm anyone’s fears."

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