Dean Obeidallah: ‘Internment Camps Could Happen’ in a Trump Presidency

‘I’m Muslim ... we have no idea what Donald Trump will do to us’

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OBEDALLAH: "I think because younger people who are in the streets, we see they are mostly white, are upset by the political system, They're very upset about Donald Trump. Maybe they voted third party. Maybe now they wish they didn't vote third party, voted for Hillary, that's up to them. But, Jason, I just want to say, comedy is cathartic for us. It takes away some of the power and the fear that Donald Trump is wielding. I'm not saying you don't take it seriously. We do. I'm Muslim. We have a lot to lose. This is very personal. God forbid, there's a terrorist attack on U.S. soil by a Muslim." 
JOHNSON: "Right." 
OBEDALLAH: "We have no idea what Donald Trump will do to us. Internment camps could happen. I hope they have free WiFi."

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