Ala. Dem: 'If a Man Meet a Little Mule and He Wanna Get Married ... That's Fine with Me'

'As long as he and the little mule get along all right'

Alabama Dem Shocks Radio Audience With His Support for a Man Marrying a ‘Little Mule’ (The Blaze)

On Thursday, TheBlaze covered the story of Alvin Holmes, the Alabama state representative who offered to pay $100,000 in cash to anyone who could show him “a bunch of whites” who had adopted black babies in Alabama. TheBlaze also reported that a rally was held on Wednesday, demonstrating what Holmes did not believe existed — a large group of white and mixed-race families that had adopted children of color.

As previously reported, after Wednesday’s successful rally on the steps of the State House, the event’s organizer Beverly Owings and her husband Jeromy were guests on WVAS, a local radio station. The Owings’ interview was reportedly extended past the scheduled 30-minute time in order to handle the unusually large crush phone calls from listeners.

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