Kurt Bardella: ‘For the Next Four Years the Free Press Is Going To Be under Attack’

‘The first thing Donald Trump does is basically go on Twitter and advance a lie about the New York Times subscription rates’

BARDELLA: "The divisiveness comes from people like Jeffrey who go on TV every single day and flat-out lie to the American people and are completely devoid of what's actually happening. We have to tell you what's really happening. The first thing Donald Trump does, basically, is go on Twitter and advance a lie about 'The New York Times' and the subscription rates with no fact. It turns out to be untrue. We're never going to hear him back down and say, 'You know what? I got that wrong. I shouldn't have done it.' What about the fact that the president, one of the first things he wants to do is attack the media, attack the free press? That is one of the most dangerous things happening right now, is that for the next four years, the free press is going to be under assault, under attack, and that's all that they're going to do."

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