Conway: Both Reince and Bannon Will ‘Have Big Roles in a Trump Administration’

‘I’m sure that everyone will be very important to the president moving forward’

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TODD: "You said a chief of staff announcement was imminent. Who a president names as chief of staff does set a tone. I want to quote Dan balls. Do they want Washington to work better or do they expect him to be disruptive as a president? It seems Reince Priebus, chairman of the RNC as chief of staff would send one direction about working with Paul Ryan. Steve Bannon, might send a more disruptive message. Should we read into that depending on who he names?"
CONWAY: "Well, they will both have big roles in a Trump Administration, as well as they should. It was a very small core senior team. Probably less than ten people all told. I’m sure that everyone will be very important to the president moving forward. I will say this though. I think having worked with him and known him, Steve Bannon in this particular campaign was the general. And he is much more the Goldman Sachs managing partner and the naval officer than people realize."

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