Lynn Sweet: Appointing Bannon as Chief of Staff ‘Sends the Wrong Message’

‘He doesn’t know government’

SWEET: "It sends the wrong message, not only for everything you said, Carol, but he doesn't know government. That's as -- you need someone in chief of staff who is experienced in how a White House works and who knows how Congress works. When you look at past chiefs of staff, Rahm Emanuel, Bill Daly, Andrew Card, and by the way -- and I meant Chris Cuomo, not Andrew Cuomo, you have people that know, one of the things that Trump and Obama talked about yesterday was just how you organize the White House. You have an incoming president who's never held government office. Who's going to have to learn that Congress, and I'm sure he kind of knows it, but you have to absorb it, they're not employees who you can fire or hire. You have to live with them. And they can block things you want even if they're in your party. So I would think that the first question is get somebody there who knows how to make it work, and that alone should disqualify people who don't have that. But, unless you have somebody who is very special, I wouldn't pick somebody who's inflammatory."

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