Rep. Pascrell: ‘I Have Found No Prejudice in the IRS Response’ to Conservative Groups

‘I haven’t seen anything so far that would indicate that criminal charges are going to happen’

HOST: "Another issue here. The House Ways and Means Committee today is going to be taking a vote on charging Lois Lerner, who used to head up the IRS division, with criminal charges. Explain this vote. What will you be doing today?"
PASCRELL: "Well this was put upon us as you know at the beginning of the week. We didn't know about this, this was coming. We had hearings on this, as you well know, into whether the IRS was biased during the what he 2012 elections. We have seen no evidence that anyone should be charged. But everybody should be held accountable. Ms. Lerner's going to have to speak for herself. And now we are looking at classified documents, her own words, and we will make a judgment.
HOST: "Have you seen these classified documents?"
PASCRELL: "I have not seen all of them. We are talking about a lot of pages of documents. Talk back and forth. And there was a lot to go into here. I have not seen anything, so far, that would indicate that criminal charges are going to happen."
HOST: "Should she be held accountable in some sort of way based on what you have seen?"
PASCRELL: "Absolutely. I think she should be held accountable. I have found no prejudice in the IRS response. They were looked at both sides of the aisle, organizations that call themselves tax exempt, that are involved in campaigns. And this is the kind of political system we have. This is what the last two folks should be talking about, I think, money in politics, where it is coming from. And whether organizations that are exempt and that providing dollars for candidates, be they Democrat or Republican, have no accountability. We don't know where the money is coming from. And we don't even know if it might be foreign money. we don't even know. is. this is how wide-open the system she is in the middle of it, being the head of the IRS that's coming into American elections. This is the system, how wide open it is. And she's in the middle of it, being the head of the IRS's situation here. And we are looking at it and we will look at it objectively. We condemn the Democratic -- Democrats on the Ways and Means Committee have condemned any prejudice toward any group, regardless of the politics are."
HOST: "Politico says this is how it will work. 'The committee will mark up a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder acusing Lerner of committing three crimes relating to the IRS' targeting conservative groups seeking tax-exempt.' How will you vote?"
PASCRELL: "I will vote no, from what I have seen so far. But you know, between now and the time I have to vote, I may change my mind. But right now it's a no."

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