Mika Brzezinski Compares GOP Women to Hostages

'I hated watching those three sound bites ... they sounded like hostage videos'

BRZEZINSKI: "Republicans are pushing back, calling the legislation a political stunt in an election year noting that it's already illegal to discriminate on the basis of gender."

JENKINS: "Many ladies I know feel like they are being used as pawns and find it condescending that Democrats are trying to use this issue as a political distraction."

CANTOR: "Republicans support equal pay for equal work. It's probably better for us to sit down and see how we can make sure that the law is being implemented rather than play politics with this."

MCMORRIS-ROGERS: "I would urge us to stop politicizing women and let's start focusing on those policies that are actually going to help women and everyone in this country."

SCARBOROUGH: "So let me get this -- Eric Cantor says what I believe, which is equal pay for equal work."
BRZEZINSKI: "Of course, who wouldn't be for that?"
SCARBOROUGH: "Most Americans agree with that?"
BRZEZINSKI: "I think most Americans agree with that. And I hated watching those three sound bites. Eric Cantor might believe what he believes. But the others seemed like hostage videos, truly. I mean, because the truth is pay discrimination exists, they know it, and to be put out there like that seems kind of sad at this point."

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