Ralph Peters: I Have to Vote for ‘Despicable,’ ‘Corrupt’ Clinton Over Putin-Loving Trump

‘She has committed criminal acts’

Ralph Peters: I Have to Vote for ‘Despicable,’ ‘Corrupt’ Clinton Over Putin-Loving Trump (The Washington Free Beacon)

Retired Lt. Col. Ralph Peters said Monday he still plans to vote for Hillary Clinton despite calling her “greedy,” “corrupt,” “awful,” and “despicable” because Donald Trump is more unacceptable.

Peters, who has previously stated he would support Clinton in spite of her flaws, was asked by Fox Business host Stuart Varney if he stood by that choice. Peters had just finished railing against her handling of classified information.

“Stuart, I think Hillary Clinton is despicable,” he said. “She has committed criminal acts. She’s greedy, she’s corrupt, and yes, I’m going to vote for her. I’m going to vote for Republicans down the ballot, but I’m voting for Hillary Clinton because it’s a vote against Donald Trump. I don’t want Moscow’s man in the White House.”

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