Sen. Schumer says Democrats aspire for '90 percent' of the country to know who tehy are by Election Day

Harry Reid: GOP should wear Koch insignia (Politico)

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said that Republicans might as well wear the insignias of the billionaire Koch brothers on their suits, likening the connection between the Kochs and the GOP to corporate sponsors and NASCAR drivers.

“NASCAR fans can easily find their favorite drivers by simply looking at the cars as they fly by, because there are corporate emblems on the hood of the car … for our clothing here in the Senate, we don’t bear commercials logos. Many Republicans might as well wear Koch insignias,” Reid said Monday. “While they don’t wear Koch Industries’ ties and jackets, they display their sponsors proudly through their actions here in the United States Senate.”

Reid’s Twitter account then tweeted a graphic of what a Koch-sponsored suit might look like.

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