Trump Jr: ‘We’re Running Against the Most Corrupt Candidate’ in History

‘All we want to do is end the corruption in D.C.’


VITTERT: "Don, I need to get in one more question. And it dovetails off of this. So many folks that we talk to, even Republicans, a young millennial Republican that Ed with on the show last hour said, look, I think Hillary Clinton’s a liar. I think she’s a terrible person, I think she’s a criminal. All things that your father has said that she agrees with. At the same time, though, she says she is not yet convinced because of sort of his unorthodox campaign style at times. Where’s the disconnect between the man you just described promoting the young blue collar worker up to be executive and this young voter. What’s the closing argument?" 
TRUMP: "I think the disconnect is, they haven’t seen him in that capacity. The old, walk softly but carry a big stick. Well, we’re in a situation where you have to use the big stick, okay? My father coming in as an outsider taking on the liberal media, taking on the Clinton machine. Taking on the corruption. Taking on the D.C. Elite, on both sides. That’s a rare opportunity. That’s not something we’re going to get again in our lifetime. Someone who’s willing to take on the system. An outsider who can come in and fight his way to the top to do that. He has had to be a fighter. But I’ve also seen him be an incredible grandfather, seen him be a comforter. He can do both. I don’t think you can do it in this process, against the odds that he’s fought against. Against the machine that he’s fought against. And all we want to do is end the corruption in D.C. We knew it was going on, but we’re running against the most corrupt candidate in the history of the presidency. And I think the American people have had enough of that." 

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