MSNBC to James Taylor: Tell Us Why You Love Obama & Hillary

‘I feel as though I like I identify with him as a leader of the America’

MSNBC to James Taylor: Tell Us Why You Love Obama & Hillary (NewsBusters

In an interview with singer James Taylor at a Hillary Clinton campaign rally in North Carolina during MSNBC’sAndrea Mitchell Reports on Wednesday, correspondent Chris Jansing gushed over the musician preparing to open for President Obama at the event: “...this is about supporting Hillary Clinton, it’s also about Barack Obama's legacy....You have been a big fan of the President.”

She continued to fawn over the celebrity’s love for Obama: “So I don't know if you know this, but you have been at the White House more than any other performer in his presidency, five times. You were at an inauguration. Now you're here. What is it about you, Barack Obama, and what appears to be a bit of a bromance?”

Taylor proclaimed: “I have been hugely supportive and just felt so good about Barack Obama as our leader.” Jansing followed up: “You have said, in fact, that he represents the America you know. What do you mean by that?...Because you’re out there traveling, you’ve seen this country...”


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