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Tom Friedman Calls Doubting Global Warming 'Trotskyite Radicalism’
'So your son or daughter has a disease and you go to 100 doctors ... 97 of the hundred say this is the cause and this is the cure'

Thomas Friedman On Conservatives Questioning Global Warming: ‘That’s Not Conservatism, That’s Trotskyite Radicalism’ (NewsBusters)

“New York Times” columnist Thomas Friedman took a nasty swipe at conservatives over the subject of climate change on Sunday April 6. Friedman appeared alongside Heidi Cullen of Climate Central on Sunday’s CBS This Morning and proceeded to mock conservatives who question human-caused climate change.

Speaking to host Bob Schieffer, Friedman claimed that 97 percent of scientists believe in climate change and “conservatives are saying I’m going go to with the 3%. That’s not conservative, that’s Trotskyite radicalism.”

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