MSNBC Anchor Insists Nina Turner Said She Supports Clinton, She Tells Him to Roll the Tape

‘You need to go back and roll the tape, Thomas’

‘You Need to Go Back and Roll the Tape:’ MSNBC Interview Gets Awkward When Thomas Roberts Insists Sanders Supporter Now Backs Clinton (The Washington Free Beacon)

A particularly awkward moment unfolded Monday on MSNBC when anchor Thomas Roberts insisted to Bernie Sanders backer Nina Turner that she had become a supporter of Hillary Clinton, to which Turner coolly replied they never had such a conversation.

It was unclear whether Roberts was mixing Turner up with another person or simply did not remember earlier interviews clearly.

Turner, a former Ohio Democratic state senator, was a strong supporter of Sanders during the Democratic primary and says she has not gotten behind Clinton’s candidacy. However, Roberts appeared to think she had been on his show before to discuss supporting Clinton over Donald Trump.

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