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North Carolina: ObamaCare Driving Up Overall Insurance Costs
'Almost everyone I've talked to, their insurance has gone up'

Obamacare Drives Up Insurance Costs For North Carolinians (Washington Free Beacon)

North Carolinians across the state are seeing their insurance premiums rise, WNCT-NC reports.

“Almost everyone I’ve talked to, their insurance has gone up,” said Kathleen Forrest, a North Carolinian who needs health insurance. “If their insurance is going up a hundred, two hundred, five hundred dollars a month…what are they not getting? What are they not doing for their families?”

Al Delia, a professor at East Carolina University’s medical school, said that the newly insured have a steep learning curve understanding the complicated insurance market.

Delia also noted that many of those currently insured were being told they couldn’t see particular doctors.

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