Gowdy Smacks Down MSNBC Attempt to Distract from Clinton with Russia Question

‘Is it an option that they’re both important, or do I have to pick between the two?’

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Gowdy Smacks Down MSNBC Attempt to Distract From Clinton With Russia Question (The Washington Free Beacon)

Rep. Trey Gowdy (R., S.C.) brushed away an MSNBC question Monday about whether Russian interference in U.S. elections was more significant than Hillary Clinton’s ongoing email scandal, saying both of them were serious issues for the country.

Gowdy is the chair of the House Benghazi Committee, whose probe led to the discovery of Clinton’s private email server use at the State Department. He came on Morning Joe to discuss the FBI’s announcement that it is looking into newly discovered emails as part of a reopened probe into Clinton’s email practices.

Liberal columnist Mike Barnicle asked if the documented Russian interference in the U.S. elections was a more serious matter to him than Clinton’s email scandal. Barnicle, like other left-leaning members of the media, has often downplayed the Clinton scandal during his frequent Morning Joe appearances.

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