McCaskill: 'Very Hard to See How' Fort Hood Shooting Could Have Been Prevented

'This young man was active and had the right to be on the base'

MITCHELL: "Senator, thank youvery much for joining us. This tragedy is really unspeakable, but it remains to be seen, is this something that the base could have prevented given Texas law and access to weapons surrounding the base?"
MCCASKILL: "Well it's very hard to see how, Andrea. This young man was active and had right to be on the base. He was in his camouflage uniform at the time. And clearly he had mental issues, he was under mental health care. And so you know, there was some really good things that happened yesterday, but it doesn't really take away from the incredible tragedy that those families endured and that the Army once again finds itself in a posture at Fort Hood where they are in deep grief and sympathy for the loss life. We really have got to get at this mental health issue, Andrea. That's one of the things we need to do as a country. We have ignored it now for a long time, that there are people out there that are doing violent things that are not getting adequate services."

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