Conway: Hillary Clinton ‘Is Ethically Compromised’

‘What Donald Trump said last night and today is a sentiment shared by millions of Americans’

CONWAY: "No, why would he do that? We know what you know about the FBI’s investigation and it looks like a separate investigation. No, what Donald Trump said last night and today is a sentiment shared by millions of Americans. You know it in their polling where people say they don’t trust Hillary Clinton and don’t think she is honest and trustworthy. She is compromised and all the attacks coming from camp Clinton are displace said. Imagine if he had not come if forward and sat on this and she was elect and he had to come forward. We are supposed to elect someone unqualified and find out after the election that there is no controversy swirling around her? I agree with the Clinton campaign and they are asking them to come forward and tell Americans exactly what this is all about. We the Republicans and the trump campaign release and let us judge are if ourselves. They agree with us because they ran focus groups to find out what she did and what she believes and how to sell it to the American people. No way do they have a plan B in a way to react to this to really pawn a lot of voters’s fears that they are electing somebody under a cloud of controversy if not indictment."

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