Black Trump Voters in N.C. to MSNBC: Trump Loves America, He Loves All People

‘I think Trump is reaching out all citizens including African-Americans, he’s trying to address a problem’

Black Trump Voters In North Carolina to MSNBCer: Trump Loves America, He Loves All People (RealClearPolitics)

MSNBC's Jacob Soboroff speaks to a family of African-American Trump supporters in line to see Donald Trump's speech about revitalizing America's inner cities Wednesday in North Carolina.

JACOB SOBOROFF, MSNBC: So the new numbers in North Carolina are in, and Democrats are outpacing Republicans. This is pretty normal. They are ahead with 47% of early votes and absentee ballots in. It is important to know that they were also ahead [in early voting] in 2012, even though Mitt Romney won...

So here is the line for the event today, North Carolina, we'll swing around to show you and talk a couple of people... This is Trump's supporters, Trina and Gloria, mother and daughter. We heard a lot of criticisms of Trump's inner city policies. What do you make of that criticism, I am sure you heard it. 

TRINA: Well, I think Trump is reaching out all citizens including African-Americans, he's trying to address a problem. It should not be a problem if you address there is something wrong and you got a plan that wants to help people. That's what a president should do for us, reaching out to try to help people and addressing problems that's going on in our country.

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