Cooper Mocks Trump Supporter: ‘I Also Hear on Twitter that 9/11 Is an Inside Job’

‘I also hear on Twitter that 9/11 is an inside job’

Anderson Cooper Mocks Trump Supporter: ‘I Also Hear on Twitter That 9/11 Is an Inside Job’ (Mediaite)

Anderson Cooper zinged a Donald Trump supporter tonight for declaring that he’s winning despite the media saying otherwise.

Scottie Nell Hughesactually made the argument that it’s only the media and the polls saying he’s losing but if you look at Trump’s social media stats and how excited his people are you’ll see something different:

“The only place we’re hearing… that Donald Trump is losing is in the media or these polls…. You’re not seeing it with the crowd rallies, you’re not seeing the enthusiasm, you’re not seeing it on social media, where Donald Trump is 2-3 times more than Hillary Clinton on every social media platform.”


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