Trump: ‘The Veterans Will Finally Be Taken Care of Properly’

‘What they’re going through now is unacceptable’

"It also provides our great veterans with the ability to receive public va treatment or attend a private doctor of their choice. If they’re waiting on line, and I have the plan up, and we’ve gotten, as you know, tremendous support from veterans, from law enforcement, from veterans, from the military, tremendous support. But if they’re waiting on line, and you see 22 suicides a day, people don’t even believe it, 22 a day, but if they’re waiting on line for seven days, six days, nine days they can’t get to see a doctor, and a simple procedure, or a simple prescription can solve their problem, and they become very sick, and they die. They die waiting on line. We’re going to give them the power to go across the street to a local doctor, a private doctor, a public hospital, or private hospital, all looking to help, and all looking to do business. And we’ll pay the bill. So much cheaper, but much more importantly, the veterans will finally be taken care of properly. Because what they’re going through now is unacceptable."

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