Donna Brazile: Red State Democrats Will Have Trouble Running on ObamaCare

'They’re going to have a tough time running away from so-called affordable health care'

Dem Strategist: Red-State Dems Can’t Run Away from Obamacare (National Review Online)

Longtime Democratic political strategist Donna Brazile doesn’t think Democrats in difficult races this fall can distance themselves from Obamacare, whether they should or not.

“Democrats who I think are running in these so-called tough states,” she said on ABC’s This Week, “they’re going to have a tough time running away from so-called affordable health care for all people.” (It’s not clear which of those descriptors she thought Obamacare doesn’t quite deserve.)

Politicians in her party would like to be able to pivot back to the economy or ignore Republican arguments on health care, she said, “but they’re not going to be able to run away from this.”

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