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Christie: Law Firm that Cleared Me Isn't Going To Whitewash Anything for Me
'The bottom line is, these people have their own professional and personal reputations -- six of them are former federal prosecutors'

Christie Talks BridgeGate with Diane Sawyer: I Felt ‘Taken Advantage Of’ (Mediaite)

New Jersey governor Chris Christie sat down with Diane Sawyer on Thursday for an interview to address the findings released today that cleared Christie of personal culpability in the BridgeGate scandal. Christie said he felt “taken advantage of” that people under him would abuse his trust in such a devious manner.

Sawyer brought up criticisms that the report is a whitewash because a law firm Christie has close ties to conducted the investigation, and on top of that, the investigation was ordered by Christie’s office. The governor insisted they didn’t and wouldn’t fudge anything because they have reputations of their own to uphold.

Sawyer repeatedly pressed Christie on whether he believed he failed to set a high enough standard for his office. Christie admitted some personal failing, but on the question of his potential 2016 chances, he said whatever he decides “won’t have anything to do with what’s happened in the past ten weeks.”

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