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Russell Crowe Slams the 'Absolute Stupidity' of 'Noah' Critics
'Now, people are seeing the movie and they're realizing how respectful it is, and how potent it is'

Russell Crowe forced to defend biblical epic Noah against critics following Christian backlash (Daily Mirror)

Russell Crowe has been forced to defend new blockbuster movie Noah against its critics in an interview in the US.

Appearing on Good Morning America, the Gladiator actor was forced to defend the biblical epic against the onslaught of criticism it has received over the past year.

"We've had probably over a year now of very harsh criticism from a bunch of people who have put their name and stamp on an opinion that's not even based on the movie or seeing the movie," he said.

"Just an assumption of what it could be or how bad it could be or how wrong it could be in their eyes, which I think quite frankly is bordering on absolute stupidity. Because now, I think, people are seeing the movie and they're realising how respectful it is and how potent it is."

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