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John McCain: Vladimir Putin Is On the Move
'How does Vladimir Putin read that statement by the President of the United States? He reads it by saying, "we got away with it"'

McCain: Vladimir Putin Is On The Move (Washington Free Beacon)

Senator John McCain took to the Senate floor Wednesday to blast President Obama’s response to the crisis in Ukraine, saying that Russian President Vladimir Putin is on the move and will not be deterred by economic sanctions alone.

MCCAIN: They even have forces in Belarus and Vladimir Putin is figuring out the cost-benefit ratio to moving into eastern Ukraine. The cost-benefit ratio of Moldova, which is not a member of NATO, of inciting the Russians that are there. There’s 1,400 Russian troops stationed there. He is figuring out the cost-benefit ratio of inciting violence in the Russian-speaking population of the Baltic countries, especially Estonia. Vladimir Putin is on the move.

The Arizona Republican continued to criticize the President and his administration for their “fundamentally naïve” attitude toward Putin, pointing to Obama’s statement yesterday that said the United States was “consulting with Europe” on additional sanctions should Putin act further.

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