Trump: ISIS Will ‘Take Over This Country’ if Hillary Clinton Wins

‘They are hoping and praying that Hillary Clinton becomes president’

"We started off when he became president with no ISIS. Nobody heard the term ISIS -- which he calls ISIL. Right? You know why he does that? Because he likes disturbing all of you. He calls ISIL. But we started off, we had no ISIS. And now seven and a half years later there they're in they think 32 countries and she's going to get rid of them. I can tell you this. They are hoping and they are praying, they are hoping and praying that Hillary Clinton becomes president of the United States because they'll take over not only that part of the world, they'll take over this country, they'll take over this part of the world believe me. They are hoping. They are hoping. And by the way, she likes to say they want me. I will be their worst nightmare. I'm going to be their worst nightmare."

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